Examples for WordPress Websites in 2023 15 Inspiring WordPress Websites

Although many big brands and websites use WordPress today, it’s not always clear how long they’ve used the CMS. However, when it comes tofamous websites that have switched over to WordPress, we’d be remiss not to mentionRolling Stone. Many of the WordPress example websites we’ve discussed involve a lot of text-heavy content and articles. However, CutestPaw.com is one of the WordPress example websites that shows how the CMS can also be used for sites focused primarily on photos.

10-Step Checklist To Ensure Your WordPress Website Is Secure – Forbes

10-Step Checklist To Ensure Your WordPress Website Is Secure.

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That’s not all, the product it offers appears attractive with a nice hover effect. To fully control your website, you need to integrate WordPress as the CMS. Here’s How to create a WordPress website a wonderful collection of WordPress websites to examine for your project. Oino is a creative studio and a portfolio with a simple yet modern and intuitive design.

Bulletproof Musician

Smart Chameleon is a digital agency that creates “complex digital solutions” for their clients. SAP official site for latest news and information from SAP, including press releases and in-depth feature articles on business and technology trends. Thousands of companies and big brands are also using WordPress for the blog portions of their websites; along with thousands of full-time bloggers. WordPress is now used by over 43.3% of all websites on the internet (up from 32% in 2017) and shows no signs of slowing down. Unconquered is a New York City based creative agency that specializes in brand development.

WordPress has worked its way to the point that it is now the most popular content management system on the planet. More than 40% of all websites now run on the WordPress platform. WordPress own extension “Woocommerce” has overpowered its competition, the former ecommerce CMS favorite “Magneto” a long time ago. Since the creation of WordPress, news and magazines started to prefer WordPress over other CMS because of the flexibility and ease of use it provides. Managing news with a large group of contributors is what WordPress excels in.

For graphic designers and other creatives looking for a profession, 99u is a terrific resource. Interviews, comprehensive tips on inspiration, teamwork, portfolios, and more are available. Many fashion websites use affiliate marketing to monetize their operations while recommending outfits and clothing to their audience. Millions of people all around the world have benefited from Nomadic Matt‘s inexpensive travel advice.

WordPress website examples

Besides, you can get catering services from this site for different events. Also, it allows you to purchase gift cards and sells stuff like apparel, drinkware, and miscellaneous items. Is a London-based cooperative that sells film and photographic supplies. It aims to support both the community with a passion for photography and the industry that uses traditional photographic technologies. The ‘Shop’ dropdown menu allows you to view whisky of different categories. Even find a rare gift collection of whisky to gift your close ones.

TED Blog

62% of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in the United States use WordPress. Some of these sites are major brands, like The New York Times, BBC America, and Sony Music. WordPress is so big that it’s used https://wizardsdev.com/ by 44% of all websites that adapt CMS technologies. Importantly, it includes all the key elements of a good website — from an easy-to-follow structure and contact details to a mobile-responsive theme.

WordPress website examples

Tinkering Monkey’s attractive, yet functional website provides a great example of how your site could look. It also makes it easy for visitors to start working with Tinkering Monkey by prominently featuring “Get Started” buttons throughout the site. Espacio’s website can provide some inspiration for your business website, especially if you’re thinking about opening a bed-and-breakfast or hotel.

WordPress Examples: Top WordPress Websites by categories

To gain more visitors, it connects its visitors via subscription, social media, and more. Its website contains details about the company, solutions, Quantcast platform, etc. Furthermore, it includes other resources like events, case studies, etc. Also go through the blogs on topics like customer success, insights, etc. For better customer support, the site contains multiple options including documentation. Plus, there are articles about installing and using the theme.

This website clearly hired a professional designer to have this excellent outcome. The images used throughout this website make everything feel very professional. This beauty website chose for a background image slider which actually was a great choice.

  • The overall design is pretty impressive as it uses GSAP animation to introduce the awesome product.
  • This is a new category of software that doubles web traffic and increases customer engagement.
  • I performed in-depth research to find this list of websites and blogs that I consider high-quality in terms of design.
  • This image, and almost any other element on the page, is powered by the parallax layout list effect.

VA Vixen uses MemberPress to manage program membership, which is offered at two access levels. The “Inner Work” component focuses on self-care and energy management. A powerful LMS that makes it easy for u003cemu003eanyoneu003c/emu003e to build and sell courses on WordPress. Memberships are offered to physicians through yearly and monthly paid plans and for free to medical students.

Kinsta Hosting

They build trust with their customers by displaying “Secure Payment” and “Trust” badges. They feature their best sellers on their homepage, and their shop page is easy to navigate using their clear navbar. They show off how their products were featured in huge, trusted publications like Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur.

WordPress website examples

The company also offers several award-winning digital investment software applications, including Trade Machine PRO and Stock TradeMachine . South African publication BizNews is an online business news source covering a wide range of business topics from an even wider range of angles. Teach Beside Me is an online resource where users can find hands-on education tools for young learners.

Go to the ‘Reservation’ menu and select a day, the number of people, time for the reservation. They sell a variety of products including film, inkjet paper, camera, etc. The different products have been categorized in the navigation bar like film, paper, etc. Designs handmade accessories and sells them all over the world. Some of its products are bracelets, necklaces, bags, earrings, masks. Also, it has collections namely Earth, Dream, Citizens of the World, etc.

What Are Your Favorite Famous WordPress Sites?

Browse 77 amazing examples of WordPress websites filled in the Technology category for inspiration. The TED Blog has scooped close to 12.5 million unique visitors over the last 6 months, which is a strong testament to the value it offers. Angry Birds, initially a mobile game created by Rovio, took the world by storm in 2009. The Walt Disney Company’s website is focused on informing, entertaining, and inspiring its readership with stories about movies that the company produces. Moreover, it highlights the company’s policies, vacancies, investor relations information, and social responsibility projects. Reuters upper menu invites you to switch between different countries’ coverage through WordPress’s customizable menu options as seen in its simple UI design.

WordPress website examples

Still think WordPress is only relevant for small businesses or bloggers? And if you’re looking for even more inspiration, as well as to see how a website builder stacks up, check out tengreat Wix examples, as well. Of all the sample WordPress sites on this list, this is the one with the brand you’re most likely to have heard of! The Obama Foundationis a Chicago-based nonprofit that oversees the Barack Obama Presidential Center and operates a scholarship.

D. Non-profit & Organization WordPress Website Examples

BORN is a global digital agency connecting creative, content & commerce. Design the Planet is a full-service New Orleans web design & development, brand strategy & marketing firm. Pluto TV is a free online television service broadcasting over 100 live channels full of the TV shows, movies and Internet videos you love, all on one dial. This is Finland provides stores of its people–astonishing nature, inspirational arts and design, buzzing business, and strange customs. Here are some examples of large magazine and news sites using WordPress to reach their millions of readers every single day. For large sites like these, Kinsta’s Redisand Elasticsearch add-ons come in very handy.

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