Renko Charts Trading Strategy

renko trading strategy

As you have probably understood, Renko charts also use candlesticks that differ from traditional ones delivered by Japanese charts. They are actually bricks because they look like a typical brick for construction needs. Each brick has the same rectangular shape and size, which is predetermined and configured by the trader. For example, the above chart shows an extended uptrend from the middle of May into early June. Since Renko bricks are not drawn beside each other, the price had to drop by at least $4 for a bearish brick to be printed.

However, in this Renko strategy, one of the best times to exit short positions is when the candle turns green, or the green Bricks in the Renko chart close above the 10 MA. The most widely used financial repression upsc charting platform for Renko Bars is Tradingview. Notice below that the timeframe on the Renko charts is set to 5 minutes. The timeframe can be adjusted to one day, one week, or one month.

Renko Charts: Automate Your Renko Strategies To Enhance Trading Efficiency With Tradetron

You require an RSI indicator only for this type of Renko bar trading strategy. Buy signal is a significant Renko trading strategy to keep a check on Renko bars. It is basically a condition chosen by traders as an alert for entering profitable purchases for the sake of trading or investment. Signal buying can be either observed by the heart pattern or calculated manually.

  • When utilised correctly, Renko charts can help to eliminate confusion based on price direction and can be incorporated into a trend trading strategy.
  • The ATR is an indicator of the average price movements over a certain time, with the data smoothed to make trending patterns more clear.
  • It all depends on how volatile the pricing of the asset is and what brick size you set.
  • This makes it easy to spot the current direction in which the price is moving.

Another profitable Renko strategy you can use is to focus only on the bricks. Let’s see how you can optimize the Renko block, and how to choose the right Renko brick size. A wick is printed on a Renko brick only when there is a strong attempt to produce a reversal (a change of brick’s color from green to red and vice versa), but it fails. The wick will simply show you how many pips it went in the opposite direction. So, the OBV increases or decreases during each day in correlation on whether the price closes higher or lower compared to the close during the previous day.

Can I Combine Renko Charts With Other Technical Indicators?

Renko chart width varies based on brick size, market volatility, and net price movement, making direct comparisons with time-dependent charts challenging. The fact that the pattern depicts all bricks of the fixed size makes it easy to read the chart. Each brick can be of red or green color moving in a specific direction defined by the value of the previous brick. This is actually how a trader is able to understand when a trend is going to change. There are times where the Renko chart appears very choppy between June and October. Attempting to buy and sell based on changes in colour or direction during this period could possibly result in frustration and losses.

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Trading Leveraged Products like Forex and Derivatives might not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Overall, Renko trading can be a great way to trade, but there are some things to be aware of. If you keep these dangers in mind, you will be able to avoid them and make successful trades. Each of these strategies has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your trading style and market conditions. Elearnmarkets (ELM) is a complete financial market portal where the market experts have taken the onus to spread financial education. ELM constantly experiments with new education methodologies and technologies to make financial education effective, affordable and accessible to all.


The bricks are not produced based on time intervals because the Renko chart is not a time-based chart. Despite having a time axis, Renko charts do not build their bricks using time intervals. While multiple bricks may form in a single day, one brick may take months to form.

It helps to trade with a focus on the price that isolates the trend as well as removes the time element. The Renko charts strategy will mainly suit those who actively trade on the market. They may include scalpers and day traders, as they often have to deal with the market noise. When the Renko bars are traded above SMA10, we look for long entries 3. We look for a new high in the OBV, which indicates that buyers are stronger than sellers, and the price is likely to increase. When OBV increases in tandem with the price, the upward trend is confirmed.

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The trader determines the brick size for the chart, which then determines when a new brick will form. The bricks are arranged up or down from the previous brick at a 45-degree angle — no two bricks can lie beside each other. So, if the price reverses, it must move double the box size before a new brick is printed in the new direction.

renko trading strategy

If you wanted to use a stop loss, you could have placed it one or two bricks away from the upper end of the signal brick. Also, given that bricks can’t form beside each other, the price needs to move 40 points to form a brick in the opposite direction. Anything less than that would not print a new brick in that direction.

Boxes are drawn based on closing prices, so highs and lows, as well as moves smaller than $2, are ignored. There is a brief pullback, marked by a red box, but then the green boxes emerge again. Given the strong uptrend, this could be used as an opportunity to enter long. When using Renko charts in Forex trading, there are a few special considerations to bear in mind. First, Renko charts can be based on either closing prices or high/low prices. Second, the size of the bricks can be customized to fit the trader’s needs.

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What is a Renko chart and how do you use it when trading?.

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Day traders may find trends, points of support and resistance, breakouts, and reversals using Renko charts. While Renko charts can undoubtedly provide valuable insights, no trading strategy is foolproof. Successful trading demands a holistic approach that combines Renko analysis with a deep understanding of fundamental market dynamics.

We’re going to explore a very simple and yet very powerful Renko chart pattern that incorporates the wicks. This Renko price pattern looks for two consecutive bricks of the same color and both bricks have wicks. The difference between the two types of charts is quite visible. The Renko chart does a much better job to smooth the price action. Renko charts are not some long-hidden secrets dating back to feudal Japanese times as some trading gurus would like you to believe.

Incorporating Additional Technical Indicators For Confirmation:

The short signal Renko strategy works for the opposite purpose of the buy signal but follows the same pattern. It is a condition that a trader sets to determine the right time to short the stock or asset. It is a rule of the charts that the bars never come side by side with one another. The user determines the brick size of the bar according to preference, which then determines when the new bars form. Heikin Ashi charts, also developed in Japan, can have a similar look to Renko charts in that both show sustained periods of up or down boxes that highlight the trend. While Renko charts use a fixed box amount, Heikin Ashi charts are taking an average of the open, high, low, and close for the current and prior time period.

  • We exit our profitable trade once another reversal pattern is formed in the opposite direction of our trade.
  • Our mission is to provide best quality trading tools for Metatrader 4 terminal.
  • While Renko charts show a time axis, the time intervals are not used in its brick construction.
  • You can even duplicate this renko demo strategy for free of cost.
  • The fact that the pattern depicts all bricks of the fixed size makes it easy to read the chart.
  • However, the formation of boxes can sometimes be delayed, denying traders the opportunity to capitalize on a good opportunity early on.

The use of only closing prices will reduce the amount of noise, but it also means the price could break significantly before a new box(es) forms and alerts the trader. By then it could be too late to get out with a manageable loss. Therefore, when using Renko charts, traders often still use stop loss orders at fixed prices, and won’t rely solely on Renko signals.